Top Ten Best Films of 2010 (Part I)

It's that time of the year again. Top ten lists are appearing everywhere. I have to say, this year in particular was the hardest list I had to compile, not because there were too many films to choose from but too few. It has not been a very good year at the movies, so many disappointments, and nothing really surprised me. There's just a couple in my list that I'm really passionate about and the rest just made it in because they were well-made films.

Also, I did not watch a lot of new releases in the past year. I did a lot of catch-up with films I haven't seen yet, and basically just trying to revisit my filmic blind spots. I saw more classics and past releases than newly released films, so it's mostly been DVDs, Criterions and cinematheque for me this year. So, instead of making one top ten list I'm going to compile two. A Top Ten Best Films of 2010 I've Seen and a Top Ten Best Films of 2010 I Haven't Seen (films I know would have made it on my list had I seen it, on the basis of critical reception, trailers and general buzz surrounding the films). Let's start with the latter:

Top Ten Best Films of 2010 I Haven't Seen
(Note: As usual my lists are not in any particular order)

# 10 - Enter The Void

This film looks insane. I'm all about the visuals, and this film looks like a feast for the eyes.

# 9 - Never Let Me Go

I read Kazuo Ishiguro's novel a couple of months ago and I have not read a better book since. The story of these three characters emotionally captured me to the point that it was heartbreaking. I'm hoping the film manages to captivate me with this truly melancholic story.

# 8 - 127 Hours

This looks like James Franco best performance to date and he would have to make it up to me after the disappointing Howl. Plus, Danny Boyle will also have to make it up for me after the abomination that was Slumdog Millionaire. 

# 7 - The King's Speech

Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter look like they poured their hearts out for their characters. Is that the Oscar bell that's ringing?

# 6 - Mother

I enjoyed The Host so much and I'm a huge fan of this director. 

# 5 - Black Swan

I've always had a thing for Natalie Portman, I've loved her in all her movies I've seen and critics are calling this her best performance to date -  a must-see. Darren Aronofsky in the director's chair? Not that's a combination set to ignite (to quote Katy Perry) "like a firework". (Apologies - midway through that sentence the chorus to Fireworks started to play in my head)

# 4 - Dogtooth

It's like Haneke and Von Trier had a baby out of wedlock. I've seen the first twenty minutes of the film and it's bat-shit crazy.

# 3 - Exit Through The Gift Shop

I missed this at the Sydney Film Festival (damn you early bookers!) and I missed it on its theatrical release (damn you sole arthouse cinema playing the film whose premises I would need two buses and a twenty minute   walk in order to reach!)

# 2 - True Grit

The Coen brothers always appears on my yearly list and this one looks like it could be an absolute stunner

# 1 - Blue Valentine

Two of my favourite actors starring head-to-head in a film that's being described as an unbearably realistic portrayal of a marriage? Yes please.

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