Three Reasons // 500 Days of Summer

Directed by Marc Webb

Usually my eyes roll at an overly cute scene like this. But who doesn't want to do something like this at an Ikea store? This was beyond adorable.

Another overly cute scene that just worked. This was right after Tom and Summer just had sex and it was the perfect way to show how Tom felt afterwards. Hilarious, fun and super duper cute.

Summer is such a great character. Unexpectedly brutal but unabashedly honest. She was both the best and worst girl for him. This scene just breaks my heart every single time.

What are your reasons?

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  1. Great romantic movie..must see it. I watched it last night and was hearty touched with it. Days of Summer is presented in an effective non-linear style. It is awesome movie. I will give it 8 out of 10 as I was bit disappoint with its ending.

  2. Yes! I do love how it's presented in a non-linear way, but I still love the ending though.