Three Reasons // Zodiac

Directed by David Fincher

It's amazing how Fincher can turn the most beautiful setting and turn it into something truly terrifying.

If Mad Men was a murder mystery, it would probably look something like this, especially during the 60s-70s murders. 

A large portion of the story is set in the newspaper office of the San Francisco chronicle where two of our main protagonists work. Known for his exceptional attention to detail, Fincher creates a convincing look of what a newspaper office would have looked like during that time, from the lights right down to the smallest of props.

As a journalism student, it excites me to see a newsroom like this. Set during a time when newspapers really mattered. I don't want to get into the 'is the newspaper dying?' debate but I can't help but want to time travel back to that era. Obviously, not exactly in San Francisco when the Zodiac murders were taking place because, well, I would be scared out of my mind (I can't even get into a taxi anymore without having suspicions towards the driver).

The first half of the film is a murder mystery. The second half is a character study. Men involved in solving the defiantly unsolvable case become obsessive and create a tunnel vision in their lives - with only the Zodiac at the end of that tunnel and everyone else, including family, friends and their lives are blackened away.

What are your reasons?

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  1. I haven't seen any, but they are already in my list ;)

    Wherever the Sunset is

  2. 1) The music - particularly 'Hurdy Gurdy Man.' They couldnt have chosen a better 'theme' if they tried.
    2) The SF Chronicle Newsroom - I agree, so nostalgic. Got to love those typewriters. And I'd extend this one to the 1960s/70s settings in general. LOVE Avery's waistcoats.
    3) The characters - Graysmith, Toschi and Avery. So different, and yet in their own ways so compelling. I love how in the film they initially start off all together and then as the case progresses they each go their separate ways. First Avery (that scene when he leaves the Chronicle was freaking awsome) then Toschi until its just Graysmith. Almost as though to Zodiac this is a game - and one by one he's beating them.

    Yep. This movie is brilliant.