Three Reasons // Drag Me To Hell

Directed by Sam Raimi
Starring Alison Lohman, Justin Long and Lorna Raver

Inspired by Criterion's Three Reasons series I sum up in, yes you guessed it, three reasons why I love the films I love.

Christine works as a loan officer. She leads a normal life, as normal as it can get really. She has a loving boyfriend, she's trying to work her way up in her job. She's a relatively good person. Until she is morally tested by an elderly gypsy woman with bad dentures. Hilarity and horror ensues. 

Speaking of hilarity the funniest scenes always involve being inside a car. Sometimes they foreshadow the upcoming mouth-related assaults (see above screenshot) as Christine (Alison Lohman) practises her diction "Good sounds abound when the mouth is round!" or when an ominous flying cloth slams on to the windshield, you know there's trouble when you're in a car.

One of the most outrageous horror villains in film history. She is simultaneously funny and frightening. I vow to never cause trouble for an old gypsy lady ever again.

What are your reasons?

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